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GameSir C2 Arcade Fightstick Fight Stick


GameSir C2 Fightstick – Be the Street Fighter of Yourself
Born to bring you arcade experience home. Equipped with arcade gaming buttons and stick, it perfectly reappears the unforgettable arcade gaming age. It features high sensitivity and clicky feeling in controlling. Compatible with all series of PS4, Xbox One, PC & Android.
The connection is so simple as just to connect it to the original controller via cable. Quality Buttons and Parts
GameSir C2 fightstick adopts Sanwa Denshi-made parts, stick, and buttons original from Japan, which ensure it’s durability and accuracy when you fight fiercely in games. High sensitivity and Clicky feeling
Controlling is king. All the buttons are designed as highly sensitive with a clicky feeling to enhance your every precise hit. Also, the joystick has a smooth movement in 360-degree leading the best character controlling attempt. Vewlix standard 8-Direction Joystick
By following 8 directions in games, the joystick can be a useful tool to assist you to hit enemies fiercely. Stick Mode Button
Dizzy with complicated button setting and switching procedures? GameSir C2 is equipped with Mode button, which can freely switch the joystick into DP button, LS button or RS button in easy steps. Lock to Avoid the Hang
Is it often the case that you touch HOME buttons by accident and hang to the menu during a battle so the enemy might drain your life bar? GameSir C2 fightstick featuring the menu lock which can be set to lock & unlock all dangerous buttons anytime. Never let the mis-hanging interrupt your battle! TURBO Mode
Shooting and air battling games require high-speed shooting, the TURBO mode will free your hands and make you fully enjoy the hasty TURBO experience of an output command of 10 times per second brought by these buttons. Specifics:
Product Size: 400*250*132mm
Gross Weight: 3.9Kg

Ideal arcade layout: equipped with precise and robust Sanwa Denshi parts and Vewlix Style 8 buttons, GameSir C2 fight stick provides you with amazing experience for all fighting games.
The competitor killer: unprecedentedly and innovatively compatible with PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PC & Android.
Multi-functional toggle: directional input toggle switch between D-pad, Left Analog Stick and Right Analog Stick.
Customizable faceplate option: allows you the ability to create your own artwork and designs.
Lock to avoid the hang: “Key Lock” switches to enable ONLY all 8 action buttons to avoid slip-ups.

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