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10-Pack Short 8 Inch Cables – Micro


Product Description

Perfect for Charging Stations and Charging Docks

Our perfectly lengthed cables are perfectly designed for Charging stations and docks – note that these are probably too short for you to use for most purposes where you want to use the phone while charging – those are more suitable for 3-feet long cables and beyond.

Our cables provide the perfect marriage between sleek and organized, and is meant for stationary charging – such as when you need to charge it with a powerbank in the backpack while you go hiking or mountain climbing, or leave it on the charging station while you sleep.

our 6-inch variation great for phones only, will not reach IPads and Kindles very well. Our customers love these for charging stations because it gives that super “sleek” look our 8-inch variations will reach IPads, Ipad Pros, and all models of the Kindle – still very aesthetic looking on the phones – the perfect length for charging stations. our 12-inch variations are the best choice for powerbanks. Might look a little “too long” for charging stations if charging phones but if you’re the type who likes to pick it up to check that new notification you just received whilst it’s on the charging station, then this the perfect compromise between utility and aesethics.

Perfect length for Powerbanks too!

Why Customers Choose Us:

We bend our cables 5,000 times during testing – ensuring only the best gets through to the final packaging to be delivered to you Cables stop working? No problem – shoot us an email, we’ll send you a new one. No questions asked. Buy with confidence! Are you sick and tired of receiving cables that do not last more than 1 month? Our cables have been tested again and again to ensure only the best survives our rigorous testing phase.  Stop settling for cables that deliver 1.0A – that barely holds a charge, let alone charge your devices or tablets. Our cables are all fast-charge and handles capability up to 2.0A – ensuring you get a quick charge. Stop waiting 4 hours for your phone to fully charge! Are you tired of getting cables that are just “one inch too short”? Our 8-inch is the most popular option for all charging stations and reaches Ipads and Ipad Pros, and our 12-inch is the most popular for powerbanks – they are not “one inch too short” – they are perfectly created with you in mind

Value Pack: Comes with 10 Micro-USB cables (Each at 8-Inch lengths). A great addition to Hercules Tuff Charging Stations – Keep a few at home, in your car, and around the office
Compatible with Portable Batteries: Fits easily in your bag, and easily tucks away in your pocket or tiny zipper compartment. These cables are flexible and can softly be tucked away.
Compatible with: devices equipped with a Micro USB hub, including Kindle devices, older models of the Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S6, Note 2 / 3 / 4, and tablets, HTC One, Motorola Droid smartphones, some GPS devices, Nexus 7 tablets, and PSP game consoles
Powerful: our cables are all fast-charge and handles capability up to 2.0amps,
Tested for Durability: we tested our cables to provide good durability

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